Hi friends, the automatic page refresh codes are very simple it is recommended that you place them anywhere dec the codes on your site, but they usually work anywhere on the page.

Html Page Refresh Code

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="10;/>

the place where it says in the content=”10″ section is a second, that is, we specify how many seconds after reading these codes when loading the page, we want it to refresh the page. If we type 5 in this section, it will auto-refresh the page after 5 seconds, or if we type 0, it will refresh it immediately. If we add URL=, it will automatically redirect the page to the address you specified at the end of the time we set.

An example of automatic redirecting a page to the desired address is as follows.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="10; URL=">

If you add this code directly to your site after 10 october it will automatically redirect you to the site.

Php Page Refresh Code

The purpose of this is the same as html, but the software form is slightly different, but it makes it easier for us to write php codes directly without turning them off or october additional coding, such as echo. I don’t need to explain this separately to avoid confusion.

header("Refresh: 10; url=");
header("Refresh: 10;");

Javascript Page Refresh Code

If js is in automatic page refresh, it is encoded as follows, and the semantics of js automatic page redirection is the same.


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